Ana Maria Baquero is a self-taught artist living and working in Germany. She's born in The Netherlands but moved in 2016 to Germany. There she and her husband totally restored an old barn house.

Her whole life she experimented with pastel. She never started a serious business in art because of the opinion what a job should to be. Then some live changing events let her decide to move to Germany and quit her job after 25 years. In the middle of restoring the old barn house she started to draw and use pastel again.

She finds inspiration in the beautiful complex details of all the nature creatures on our planet. In her pastel drawings she implements her feelings she often had in her past life and jobs. The feeling of wanting to be free to change her life into something where she fitted in. The freedom to do wat you want, but not able to achieve that because of the rules of this world. This feeling of imprisonment and not knowing how to fit in, made her sad and her body sick for a long time.

But all experiences make a person to what they are. Luckily she has now realized her dream life by breaking with the chains and bubbles where we often live in. She hopes that people get inspired from her detailed pastel drawings by implementing their own feelings and ideas. 

The barn house