What is (soft)pastel?

It is like painting/drawing with chalk. The pastel can only be used on special pastel paper. The pastel gives a beautiful structure on the paper. Some say pastel works are drawings. Some find them paintings, because the result looks like a painting.

How to treat a (soft) pastel work.

It is best not to hang the pastel work in direct sunlight. The pastel can discolor from the sun. A place with indirect sunlight is the most ideal. 

If you want to hang your pastel work in the direct sunlight you need to hang it behind UV-resistant glass.  Never hang your pastel work behind plastic material. The loose dust of the pastel will stick to the plastic material.

Pastel is a beautiful material but also very vulnerable. Because of this vulnerability the advice is ALWAYS to let your work frame by a professional  framer. Then you can enjoy your work at the best way possible !